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Changes and Additions to the NADWCon Committee
viv_o wrote in nadwcon
 To all our Discworld friends,

As you may know, NADWCon recently lost some committee members in key positions due to unforeseen circumstances. Certain volunteers have stepped down recently due to Illnesses, financial difficulties or the needs of family. Fortunately, Discworld fans are a wonderfully helpful breed, and we have been able to quickly fill the gaps left behind with more folks from Wisconsin, dedicated fans from all around the country, and members from the ever-helpful Seamstresses' Guild (Always happy to lend a hand). The North American Discworld Convention is organized by Discworld fans, for Discworld fans, and we are deeply grateful for everyone's help. We know that this is a tribute to the affection and respect they feel for Terry as well as their desire to provide a wonderful experience for those who share their love of the Discworld books. Our first and only concern is that the convention be worthy of the fans who are attending and that guy in the black hat.

Among the committee members lost was our Chair, Joshua Goes, who had to step down due to illness. After much deliberation and discussion, and by mutual agreement, a few key positions have now been shifted to make best use of the experience and expertise of our volunteer staff.

* Emily Whitten (former Vice Chair, NADWCon 2009; Chair, The Guild of Chelonavigators; and co-founder of the 2009 convention) will step into the role of Chair of the committee (and continue in her role as Guest Liaison Coordinator)

* Our former Vice Chair, Jon Lemerond, who has been working with great dedication on this convention for two years will now be serving as Assistant to the Chair, Co-Coordinator of Ambience, and Con Webmaster.

* Marg Grady, coordinator of the excellent NADWCon2009 banquet and convention decor, and a seasoned con-runner, is now serving as our Vice Chair and Treasurer, along with her current duties as Volunteer Coordinator.

* Denise Connell, Founder and Chair of the Seamstresses' Guild will be serving as Assistant to the Vice Chair, along with her current roles as Programming Director and Seamstresses' Guild Parties Producer.

We would also like to welcome these experienced and talented folks to our team:

David Barker (ConOps & Information Coordinator)
Barry Newton (At-Con Treasurer)
Erin Prindiville (Art Show Coordinator)
Fae Townsend (Costumers Dungeon Coordinator)
z! (Tech & Staging Coordinator; Charity Auction Co-Coordinator)

...and we extend our thanks for the continuing dedication of our current committee members, who will continue their work in these positions:

Matt Cira - Hotel Liaison; Sponsorship Director
Ray Friesen - Program Book; Staff Artist; Ambience Co-Coordinator
Matthew Gress - Movie Room Coordinator
Craig Hampton - Security Coordinator
Pat Harkin - Master of Ceremonies
Missy Hayes - Seamstresses' Guild Parties Coordinator; Charity Auction Co-Coordinator
John Ketner - Programming Director
Greg Ketter - Dealers Room Coordinator
Dave Luect - Gala Banquet Coordinator; Hospitality Suite and VIP Lounge Coordinator
Jon Manzo - Co-Guest Liaison Coordinator; Convention Advisor
Neil Miller - ConOps
Vivian Obarski - Communications and Online Publicity Coordinator
Henry Osier - Maskerade Coordinator
Katie Pennell - Pre-Con Registration Coordinator
Michelle Rehbein - Merchandise Coordinator
Ray Rehbein - Game Room Director
Bryan Sennhenn - Message Board Moderator; ConOps

Our recent staffing changes are a positive and beneficial evolution in the con planning process. The convention is on track, and NADWCon will be a unique and very special experience for all our attendees and guests.

Our committee will be working hard in this final month and we look forward to seeing you all in Madison, and to having a great time together!


The North American Discworld Convention 2011 Convention Committee

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Isn't it the Igors who are always happy to lend a hand (previous ownership unspecified)?

Well that and a spare foot, eye, heart, spleen. Really, whatever you need.

And our volunteers have been doing a fantastic job. The Igors would be really proud of them.

Ah-ha-ha! Them too, but check the t-shirt page of PJSM Prints and you will see where we got that from. :)

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