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Talking with Terry: Submit Your Questions Now!
DW Fion
charishawk wrote in nadwcon
If you could ask Terry Pratchett just one question, what would it be? Better decide, because now's your chance to do so - or at least, to hear your question asked on The Big Stage, if we decide to include it in our convention's Guest of Honor interview!

To submit a question suggestion for us to ask Terry during his Guest of Honor interview, simply post it in the comments here, along with your name (unless you prefer anonymity).

We will select our favorites and include them in the Guest of Honor interview!*

*Please note, we make no promises as to which or how many of your question suggestions we will use during the interview. But we welcome all suggestions.

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Here's a couple off the top of my head, and one that was more sorta out of the middle of my head.

1. What has been your favorite Adaptation of your work into other mediums?
2. What medium are you sad your work hasn't been adapted into?
3. Which of your characters is the easiest and most enjoyable to write for? Which one do you think is based on your own opinions and character the most?
4. Who is your favorite Beatle?
5.What story idea has been floating around inside your head for ages, that you love, but hasn't found it's way into existance yet?
6. Do you still draw? Is it weird, having illustrated several of your earlier books, seeing other artists portrayals of you characters?
7. What's the nicest/weirdest gesture a fan has ever done for you?
8. How many hats do you own?
9. What sort of beard/moustache combo do you wish you could grow, but genetics won't allow?
10. What question do you never get asked that you wish someone would ask you?

I would ask I know he has tried spinning and making a sword, what other crafts has he had a go at.

Questions for Terry Pratchett

I'd like to ask about the characters that only appear in one book. Are you sometimes tempted to use a villain twice? How about non villains, are there details about certain characters (like Ned Coates from Night Watch)that will never be revealed because we'll never see them again? Do you regret letting go of colorful one shot characters (for example Sgt. Jackrum)?

Crystal Lloyd here:

1. a) Why haven't there been any recent books about the witches and especially Granny Weatherwax?
b) What would Granny have to say to the political leaders of our world?

2. Have any members of the Unseen University ever maintained a woman's interest withhout the use of coin?

I would ask:

Would you ever consider teaming with Spider Robinson or Christopher Moore to write a book as you did with Neil Gaiman?

Questions for Terry Pratchett

The Moist stories are unique in their layout. Did you purposely change your writing style for these books? If so why, was it difficult? Why did you decide to use chapters Do you concern yourself with the style of your prose when you start a new book? ?

BTW the question about one shot characters(peanut#2) was from me. I forgot I had a LiveJournal ID. I don't see why this forum doesn't recognize me as a registered con atendee.

Did you intend Herne the Hunted to wear the form of a jackalope, or was that just parallel evolution?

Question for Terry from Jade Wombat

Why elephants? I can understand the inevitability of the Star Turtle, but it seems that the elephants could easily be replaced by camels, yaks, or bison.

(Deleted comment)

Terry Questions

The questions I would like Terry to answer are.

Given that Rhianna is now a successful writer, would you let her write a Discworld novel, like Anne McAffrey has allowed Todd to write Pern novels?

Given the big success of Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman, would you like to see Lego Discworld?

Re: Terry Questions

Would you like to write an episode of Doctor Who or Torchwood?

Why Dollars?

I've always been curious about why Ankh-Morpork uses dollars for currency instead of pounds and shillings. From the very first, TwoFlower's Rhinu are defined by Rincewind as equivalent to a certain value of dollars, later abbreviated as AM$. This in spite of references to tuppennies and half-pennies - currency associated more with Britain than America. Unless Sir Terry was omniscient enough to realize that the books would become world-wide best-sellers and that a larger population of future purchasers think in dollars than pounds...why introduce that particular North American feature in a world that has primarily traditional British elements for its basis?


If you were to be transported onto the Discworld as one of your own characters, which one would you choose to be and why?

question for terry

Who on this World's real life do you think most resemble The Auditors?

Re: question for terry

I think that would be members of my profession (NOT ME!)

Marti Sterin,CPA

Talking with Terry: Submit Your Questions Now!

Do you really think white sock are vulgar?

Two Questions

I would like to know why he has abandoned the witches. I miss Granny and Nanny.

I would also like to know why he doesn't use paragraphs. I read in bed at night and it would be nice to have a good stopping place.

Re: Two Questions

Do you still enjoy writing about the Discworld or would you like to branch out to other subjects?

What's one piece of advice for someone who would like to write fantasy novels?

Re: Two Questions

Granny has been in the Tiffany Aching books. I mean, how often must one woman save the world?

I asked him why no chapters for the same reason at ConFrancisco in 1994, and then he gave us The Amazing Maurice. After due consideration, I wish I hadn't asked him. I'd hate to feel that he might have written something other than in his preferred style because my question threw him off on a tangent.

Out of everything you've read, what do you most wish you'd written yourself?

What other authors have been the biggest influence on your writing?

What life events have had the biggest impact on your writing style?

Do you ever regret becoming a writer?

Obviously, many of your fans would find it hard to imagine what would fill the Pratchett shelves of their collection, so we are, of course, very grateful that you have pursued this path. However, the price of being a writer, especially a good one, is probably high - I can only guess, which is why I'm asking the question, so, is there anything about a life that doesn't involve publishing a novel every year or so, that you miss?

Antoine Ho

Are there things that Vimes as a father has done or will do, that you wish you had done as a father?

The most important question I have is:

Given your medical regimen, what behaviors can your fans exhibit or change to best suit you with regard to buying drinks, crowding around, and just not stressing you unduly?

Re: The most important question I have is:

What a nice question! :)

(P.S. Off the top of my head, I can think of:

- he doesn't drink hard alcohol anymore, but Coronas w/lime and other beers are welcome if a fan ever has an inclination to buy him a drink

- he enjoys chatting with fans and is glad to hang out and do that while at the con, although of course crowding anyone isn't a great idea, and politeness is introduction and speaking is always encouraged. :)

- he should not be asked to sign anything outside of the designated signing times, nor to personalize anything at any time.


Terry's ?

Which character would you most like to have lunch with?

Is Greebo based on a real cat of your aquaintance? And have you considered writing a book featuring him without the witches?

Video Game

Are their plans for any new discworld video games?

What would happen if Vetinari died of proved beyond doubt natural causes?

Rincewind's age

How old do you imagine Rincewind to be? I had always envisioned him as being in his late 20's or early 30's in "The Color of Magic". The actor who portrayed him in the BBC movie was much older. How much input did you have in the casting, and did the actor jibe with your image of Rincewind?

Reading other fiction

We know you read voraciously on all sorts of subjects, it shines out of every oblique or obscure reference!

You have indicated at other times that you have to be very careful what you read fiction-wise.

So do you miss being able to read whatever novels you would like to?

Re: Reading other fiction

that last question was Me Rentawitch.
Not sure why it came out anonymous.

Will we see Susan and Time together again?

Romance for Susan

Well, I'm glad I read to the end of the messages because there at the end was what I wanted to know. Susan deserves some romance. The way things were left hanging at the end of The Thief of Time makes me think that Terry may have future plans for this couple. Any comment?

Johanna Laite

Several times, you have mentioned characters who are prey to constant attack by Ideas, more than they can possibly handle. Is this an autobiographical description?

Ooh! I have an even better one.

What is the story behind the phrase "millennium hand and shrimp"?

It seems like some of the books and characters get reworked into other books or characters. The pre-Discworld Strata book has a lot of the feeling of Discworld without being Discworld. Esk from Equal Rites feels a bit like a precursor to Tiffany.

Does it feel like a rework to you? Another shot at something you weren't happy with? Are there any precursors out there currentyly you want to re-do?

Are they just completely different things that came from a different place in you at a different time? For you, is there no relation between Esk and Tiffany, besides what Granny might have learned from Esk before meeting Tiffany?

(Oh, and my name is Luke Donev)

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